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Wednesday 29 June 2011

In a Vacuum.

Well I found it funny.

H/T to Theo Spark

Who do you root for?

On one hand we have three MP’s trying to have the smoking ban adjusted to make it more equitable for us Filthy Smokers.

Ash tray

Three MPs are joining forces with campaigners to call for the smoking ban in UK pubs and clubs to be relaxed.

Conservative Greg Knight, Lib Dem John Hemming and Labour's Roger Godsiff argue that the ban has had a devastating impact on the industry.

They want the law to be changed to allow pubs to create a separate room for smokers if they choose.

Thousands of UK pubs have closed in recent years and many have blamed the ban for the loss of business.

The smoking ban was introduced in England in July 2007. Scotland's ban was introduced in March 2006, followed by Wales and Northern Ireland in April 2007.

On the other hand do you support one of the Righteous anti-smokers who would like to probably have us  sent to jail? or at the very least fined?


Paul Bartlett picks up cigarette butts in Stony Stratford

Alderman Paul Bartlett (above four eyed cunt), who sits on Stony StratfordTown Council, is calling for a street smoking ban in an effort to stop litter1 louts from throwing cigarette butts on to the streets of the historic town, and to ‘make the environment cleaner’.

Cllr Bartlett hopes to do this with a by-law, and will be lobbying the town council to support the creation of a law at its next meeting in July.

He said: “Why should people have the freedom to smoke in my face, pass on diseases2 and spoil the environment?

“When you walk through the high street in any town smoke is in your face and harming you and any children3 there.

He really has read from the ASH handbook.

1 Firstly, litter. Most considerate smokers that I know use the bins provided.

2Secondly, he is accusing us of being diseased.

3Think of the Cheeldren. 

Didn’t he do well. (I’ll say it again. Rude word follows. Turn away now if you haven’t read the disclaimer at the top of the blog). CUNT.

No sense of humour

Egyptian tycoon and politician Naguib Sawiris has come under fire for posting a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Islamic dress, sparking a torrent of condemnation on social networking sites.
Several lawyers have filed complaints to the public prosecutor accusing Mr. Sawiris of “insulting Islam”, a judicial source said, with calls on Facebook and Twitter to boycott his Mobinil telephone operator.













Just in the interest of press freedom. So you know what they’re talking about.