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Thursday 21 March 2013

Bloody Doctors.

My son’s one at least.

A couple of years ago you may recall that my son was diagnosed with Cancer of the thyroid. Over time he had an operation to remove his thyroid and a couple of courses of radiotherapy.

The only downside now is that he has a medication regime that he will have to adhere to for the rest of his life. This consists of daily doses of calcium and Thyroxin to do what his thyroid used to do.

A short while ago, his Oncologist decided that his Thyroxin dose was inadequate and need a higher daily dose. Last week my son contacted his GP to request resupply of his Thyroxin and let the GP know that the specialist had recommended the higher dose.

This bloody doctor of his insisted on confirming with the specialist before a dose change could be actioned. He wouldn’t take the word of my son. (Incidentally my son has a Masters degree in Chemistry).

Consequentially my son had no medication for a week as his doctor didn’t see the need to actually phone the Oncologist and check the dosage.

My son’s boss actually had to send my son home this afternoon as the boy looked so ill.

This is not the first time my son’s GP has been an utter prat. Last year he decided he could prescribe a generic thyroxin that was cheaper. Which didn’t work in my son’s case. His specialist was not amused then. He will probably and hopefully go ballistic at the GP.

I’m not sure why they are paid so much.