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Tuesday 20 April 2010

And now comes the climbdown

You only have to read the weasel words.

"The major barrier to resuming flight has been understanding tolerance levels of aircraft to ash," the CAA said. "Manufacturers have now agreed increased tolerance levels in low ash density areas."


Lord Adonis said safety was the "paramount concern" but research into the effects of the volcanic ash had led to a "better" understanding of the implications.

The whole debacle is what I expect in this, " Oh god. I'll be sued" mentality that has a hold on the UK today.

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Charity Appeal.

Cold Steel Rain is doing a parachute jump in aid of the charity, Combat stress.

Do pop over to his blog and give him support either financially or just reassuring words.

I will never forget my first jump.

The jump was to be from an ageing Cessna at 2500 ft.

Now that was a very small aircraft and they managed to cram the pilot, the jumpmaster, and three first time parachutists into it. To get us all in they removed all the seats (except the pilot's), and forced us to kneel on the floor. Oh and to save on weight they removed the door.

One hand at all times had to be over the reserve chute to prevent it from being activated, the other hand was white knuckled clutching a strut. For the plane to get to height it had to circle upwards due to the load. Have you ever knelt by an open doorway with the ground disappearing at an ever increasing rate? If I'd known what that was like.......

Before we got to height the jumpmaster makes you take the hand, that is stopping you fall out of the door, to check your static line. Bearing in mind that you are kneeling next to an open door it is a tad scary. Especially as the plane is circling and the door next to you is on the downward side.

At 2500 ft and heading straight and level I was informed that I had to assume the position. Sit in the doorway with just the left buttock actually in the plane, and grab both sides of the doorway with my hands.


Well I don't think that I remember actually hurling myself from the plane due to the sheer terror.


It was the most fantastic experience of my life. I went on to do many more jumps until I got married and had kids. But that's another story.

Do give him your support.

There are flights over the Uk

Just watched an easy jet flight land at Standsted.

Check it out here

H/T to Old Holborn

Six. Why do I need six?

The conservatives must be really flush with money. Six election flyers through my letterbox today.

That's six more flyers for the shredder then.

I'm getting there.