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Friday 27 May 2016

The NHS needs to change.

In the last month or so I've become convinced that the NHS should be privatised.

Now I've nothing against the front line staff as I think they do a superb job. When I was hospitalised last month I found the nursing care was second to none.

The point I'd like to make is it is the other services that destroy it's effectiveness.

Until I could be discharged I had to await medication to be delivered to the ward from the pharmacy. I was told this would be ready by 10 O'clock. In the end I ended up storming out of the ward in my pyjamas and slippers followed by my daughter at 3PM. Arriving at the pharmacy I'm told that I can't have the medication as it has to be delivered to the ward. The air turned blue at that moment. Sanity eventually prevailed and I left the hospital and shuffled to my daughter's car.

And I thought that was a one off in mismanagement in the NHS. Oh no.

last week my ageing mother in law whose 94 (Bless her) suffered multiple falls in her warden assisted flat, and was eventually admitted to hospital for tests to find out why.

Getting her out of the hospital was a nightmare. The hospital rang yesterday and stated that she would be delivered home by 10 O'clock today. Right.

The ambulance arrived at her flat at 6.30 pm!

Mrs FE has been at the flat waiting since 9.30am. She is not pleased.

And the wheelchair/commode that we had to receive at her flat the night before she was discharged so that she could spend a penny at night time. The sodding thing is so big she'll trip over it and fall as she tries to exit the bedroom in the morning. (Incidentally, the loo is only about 10 paces across the hall way.)

How could a private company exist with that level of efficiency?