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Thursday 16 April 2015

The shame.

I’ve just spent nearly an hour on the phone with my son.

The usual pleasantries exchanged the subject changed to politics of the forthcoming election. After a short period he came out with some shocking revelations.

IN THE LAST ELECTION HE VOTED LIBDUMB! Almost as bad is his choice of newspaper. That bloody left wing rag, The Guardian.

.And I thought I’d brought him up with respectable values.

I have failed.

Actually not quite.

In fact he only voted for the Libdem candidate as his constituency is hard labour and he knew that voting conservative was a waste of time.

The reason why he reads the groan is for the amusement factor when reading online comments by those of a lefty, ignorant of real life, hard done by, guardian reading twats.

I’ve persuaded him to vote UKIP, and to read the Daily Mail.

If I can persuade my son, should I stand for parliament?