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Sunday 8 August 2010

Offshore wind turbines. The true costs of O & M

Now as you know I’ve been trying to find facts and figures about the true costs of operation and maintenance of these modern follies.

Nowhere can I find any hard and fast figures from any site. Although I have gleaned a few worrying statistics.

I can’t give you where I’ve got these facts from as they are covered by copyright. Why, I’m not sure,as these considerations should be in the public domain.

The O & M costs are double or triple original projected figures.

Also there is a –21% change in wind farm return on investment. Notice the minus.

$0.027/kWh is the latest projected O & M cost. Early estimates were $0.005/kWh. A vastly increased cost.

Again I find that the shelf life of these turbines is down from 20 years to 6 to 8 years.

And that twat Huhne still wants to build hundreds of these bird mincing, inefficient, monstrosities.

That’s all the info I can give you. If anyone would like the full report it costs a staggering $1495.