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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Bloody windows. AGAIN!!!

Some while ago I regaled you with problems involving windows seven on my laptop. This story is an even worse state of affairs. My desktop that I usually use has a 64 bit operating system, supposedly better and faster.


Yesterday it refused to connect to the internet. It recognised my router but decided that it would fail to go any further.

After a search on the laptop, which is 32 bit system, and had no problem connecting, the hunt for a solution begun.

In the end I ended up on a windows seven forum and that’s where the fun and games begun. Apparently it is a well known problem with the 64 bit system in windows 7. The services used to enable the computer to enable the internet somehow become switched off or disabled.

When you enter the services area of the computer you’re given a list of about 200 services of which 2 are major players in internet connection.

At first you think that just to set them to auto, shut  down the computer, reset, and bob’s your uncle.

No not so simple. each of the services has to rely on being connected to other services or the system will not work.

As it’s the Christmas season coming up. This is the analogy.

Imagine that you have a large christmas tree with 200 lights. Imagine that every light has to connect with five others in a seemingly random order before the lights will illuminate. I was the man connecting them today.

However after all day, and pages of scribblings the desktop is now communicating.

And No, system restore didn’t work.

Time to find another operating system.