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Monday 25 August 2014

Lets play by their rules.

I wrote a post a few days ago titled “Rules is rules”. One commenter took me to task (politely) by stating that if we don’t abide by our civilised rules we would demean ourselves.

The problem with this type of argument is that is based on the rules that were agreed several centuries ago by men of principles on both sides. Today no such agreement exists between radical Islam and the civilised people of the West.

On the one side you have the civilised west doing their best to abide by the Geneva convention and protect innocent civilians by limiting their considerable fire power to enable that protection.

On the other side you have fanatics that don’t give a damn whether civilians are killed, and even seem to revel in it.

Therefore I cannot change my mind that something radical must be done.

We are fighting a modern type of warfare that we are unwilling to embrace. The only way to fight this war is by sheer, overwhelming firepower that will terrify the enemy. Whatever it takes, it has to be done.

It’s time we stopped deluding ourselves that there is a level playing field in this type of conflict.

So lets send down a message of shock and awe onto ISIS, just for starters.