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Tuesday 15 December 2009

Carter-Ruck at it again. Trafigura Part 2

I wrote about this before here.

It's all about Carter-Ruck trying to protect their client, Trafigura, from being exposed to the limelight in regards to their dumping of Toxic waste in Africa. They originally persuaded the Courts to allow them a super injuction against the Guardian.

This is a dreadfull travesty of justice in trying to prevent the truth coming out. Of course the BBCPravda meekly rolled over.

See the video and make your own mind up.

Oh and do post it on your own Blog.

Oh and bye the way, Carter-Ruck. The blogosphere fucked you last time. We can do it again this time.

Lord Monkton on Climategate

Nice little presentation about a shower of crooks.

Lord Monckton on Climategate at the 2nd International Climate Conference from CFACT on Vimeo.

H/T to OBO

Climategate and the death of the MSM

This article in the Telegraph also caught my eye today.


Climategate: the ailing 'mainstream' media are committing suicide by ignoring the scoop of the century.

A well crafted article by Gerald Warner asserting that the MSM may well have shot themselves in the foot by attempting to ignore the very fact that a great many people have doubts about AGW. A vast number of whom actually do have relevant credentials to understand the science.

And he has this to say about BBC Pravda:

That is the despised organisation that relentlessly inflicts climate alarmist propaganda, fairy tales, “bedtime stories” on the British public, in the style of Radio Moscow, circa 1954 (“Implement the resolutions of the 23rd Congress…” “We have 27 minutes to save the polar bears from melting…”). No intelligent or inquiring individual believes, respects or trusts the BBC. Ditto the print media that is similarly spewing out Al Gore’s trashy superstition.

And his final words:

It seems less than likely. The Mainstream Media are hanging themselves – it is doubtful that they can any longer be described as mainstream. These are turkeys voting for Christmas.

The article in its entirety

Is Climate change really about the money?

An interesting article written for the Telegraph, by James Delingpole, caught my eye this morning.

In his article, James writes about Dr Rajendra Pachauri who is the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

I won't print the whole article but here's the link to some quite astounding revelations about this man. I'm not sure how this man can even be associated with the IPCC, given his business interests listed in the article.

There are further thoughts over at Eu Referendum on this subject. Well worth a read.