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Thursday 1 August 2013


I was just watching the local news on the idiot box tonight and note that they are still giving undue prominence to the anti fracking protestors at Balcombe in Sussex. Now I know that quite a few of those protestors are from a group called The Campaign Against Climate Change (CACC).  As far as I can see this group are made up from left wing sociologists, green party activists, and naive idiots who believe that only they know what's best.

When you visit their site and read their "Who we are" page, you find, shock horror, that the most of them have little or no science training (WTF is a PGSE in Science, when it's at home?)
Of course though, all the guardian readers that flock to this blog  (Spits) will be overjoyed to find the Honorary chairman is their very own, *drum roll*, George Monbiot. When you look at the rest it's a gaggle of a mediocrity of people who have jumped onto a band wagon, and don't realise the wheels are falling off fast.

I really despair when I see people like this who don't seem to inhabit the real world that the rest of us live in, being so bloody stupid. If they want to live in yurts, eat tofu, and die of the cold in the winter, then they may do so. What I want is an energy supply that is reliable, affordable, and relatively clean. By achieving that we will enable our kids, and grand kids to survive. If we don't innovate, we die.

(Don't fucking dare mention bird mincers or solar panels).

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