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Thursday 7 June 2012

THEY hate bloggers

By THEY I mean all those nannying tyrants such as Tobacco control. Alcohol concern, the greens, and the econuts who espouse useless wind turbines and pathetic solar panels. To name a few. Over the last few years the supine Main Stream Media (MSM) have been led by the nose to believe everything they’re told. Instead we should be casting those prod noses down to the 9th circle of hell for their lies and obfuscations,

What they haven’t been able to cope with is Bloggers.

The nanny statists are conditioned to think as a group, and this is where their demise will begin. Their groupthink doesn’t allow for dissenting voices, questioning the status quo.

Bloggers are so different. bloggers are like a swarm of bees, each one acts independently gathering nectar (information) but are linked with each other in a myriad of interconnecting Hyperlinks. This is where the likes of the Tobacco control industry will lose the war. They win the battle by influencing the MSM with their Groupthink, but eventually, given sufficient resolve, Bloggers will win the war.

It will be a long war as bloggers have finite resources, and are not funded from the public purse, or are set up as fake charities, like some.

The one thing that bloggers like me and many others have, is an enquiring mind. When I started this blog I was on my own. Over the last three years I’ve managed to garner a mass of information. I’ve looked as a smoker into second hand smoke and seen through the haze of untruthfulness  I’ve looked as an engineer, and seen the great enlightenment of AGW, slowly being exposed as  a money making scam by the idiots that want a catastrophe at all costs, to raise it. I’ve seen the medical profession trying to tell me that I’m drinking far more than their made up level of units that I must not surpass.

By now if you’ve read this far you’ll probably be thinking, what a conceited fool.

But the point I am making is that I didn’t come to these revelations alone. It was the fact, that out in the blogosphere there is a vast amount of information and research that is never produced in the MSM. The MSM don’t see it, they’re too busy being tucked into their comfort blanket.

Anyway enough of that. I’m going to turn on the heating, light up a cigarette, and have a large whisky.

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