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Tuesday 6 October 2009

They're taking the piss

An airline is asking passengers to empty their bladders before boarding.

A Japanese airline has started asking passengers to go to the toilet before boarding in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.

Boris wins

Watched Jeremy Paxman's interview with Boris Johnson. Absolutely hilarious.

BBC iplayer

16mins 23 secs in.

Healthy eating.

The Super Scooby, Britain's largest burger with 2,645 calories. It is sold by the Jolly Fryer takeaway in Bristol and they are offering a free can of Diet Coke to anyone who can finish it in one go.

I don't know whether the health faschists have seen this. I'm not going to snitch.
The down side, is that I might end up with every Nut job arriving here.
Kerry McCarthy take note.

H/T to the Telegraph

Not evil, just wrong.

There are two two things in my life that I dearly want to see in the near future. (Many more hidden away in the dark closet of my mind. They'll have to wait for another day.)

Firstly, I want to see the Labour party consigned to the 9th circle of hell. That's it featured above. Hopefully, dismal enough for them.

Secondly I want to see those proponents who want to drive us back into the dark ages, with the ridiculous idea that we are the cause of climate change, hounded out of public life. In this reccession the last thing we need is money spent on an unproven theory, that will drive the developed nations into a spiralling circle of more debt. The more I hear "The science is settled", "There is a consensus", & the phrase, "Climate change denier", the higher my blood pressure gets.

Rant over for now. A vid that I've posted before.

H/T to Sue