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Monday 8 November 2010

I’m back

No don’t groan.

It’s been a busy two weeks which  left me mentally exhausted and therefore blogging became a secondary importance.

As I’ve posted before I was involved in buying a flat for my daughter and her Fiancée which involved numerous financial changes of position due to the inability of the mortgage lender to actually provide any sort of service. Including an act of sufficient impropriety that could result in legal proceedings against the institution.

Then the latest and more taxing event was Bonfire night.

On saturday my house was invaded by a locust like horde demanding shelter and hospitality. The bloody kids and their partners. before and after the display I spent the whole evening trekking to the local shop to keep them suitably supplied with the refreshments of their choice.

I am now destitute.

My new address is:

The cardboard box, The road, anywhere. TNxx 00xx