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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Sanctimonious shit of the first water

Lets ban smoking in cars to save the Cheeeldren.


A politician pontificates

When the ban on smoking in public places was introduced in 2007, in many quarters there was a general feeling of scepticism amongst the British public, with questions raised about the impact it would have on civil liberties as well as economic implications for businesses. However, four years later and the ban is seen by the public and businesses alike as an undisputed success, triggering the biggest fall in smoking ever seen in England, with an estimated 40,000 lives predicted to be saved in the following decade.

FFS. A complete and utter lie. The smoking rate is no different now than before. And what about the 53 pubs that are closing their doors each month? Is that an undisputed success? Then again if you’re a professional I suppose it is.

Research from the British Lung Foundation has found that around half of all children have experienced smoke in a car and nearly all wanted it banned.

So the cheeeldren are supposed to be in charge of my car then. That’s their pocket money gone for the next hundred years.

He’s obviously had a drip feed from ASH.

But it is young people who are the real victims. Some 300,000 children have to see their GP every year with smoking related problems, anything from chronic asthma to, in extreme cases, sudden infant death syndrome. In the longer term, children exposed to high levels of smoke are more likely to suffer life-threatening illnesses such as emphysema and lung cancer.

Both the Chronic asthma and SID suggestions he has made have been resoundingly been debunked. Asthma attacks have increased, whilst the levels of smoking have decreased. Odd? SID has been linked to a lack of Serotonin in the brain.

Then we get this:

The British Lung Foundation have found that 83% of smoking parents support legislation to stop adults smoking when children are present, which very much goes against the notion that this is a ‘human rights issue’ for smokers. Indeed, there is nothing more important than the “human rights” of children to a clear, clean and healthy environment.

I would like to have seen the questionnaire, I wonder how they couched the questions?

Enough of my ranting for tonight. I’m going to have a large whisky and attempt to chain smoke myself to death. God. I hate politicians.

Do go over and rip him a new arsehole

Climategate II. The Movie

This where the sh1t hits the fan.

We can but hope this derails the Anthropogenic climate change fuckwittery. Another nail in the coffin at least.

H/T to Max. Shamelessly nicked.

Climategate II

If anyone is interested there is a fully searchable database HERE.

Someone has really put some work in to produce it. There’s 5349 of them.