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Monday 11 July 2011


They really are trying it on. First two weekly, collections, now none at all.

Householders living in rural areas have been issued with giant bin liners and told to drive their rubbish to collection points in one of the most audacious council cuts yet seen. Bosses at Rossendale council in Lancashire are scrapping collections from outlying areas in a move aimed at saving £92,000.

I assure you that if they tried that with me I would  self nominate the council offices, as my rubbish collection point of choice.

You could of course get rid of this waste of space at the next elections.

Rossendale Labour councillor Christine Lamb said: 'It's costing a lot more money to collect from these homes. It's 200 per cent more because we have to have specialised vehicles.

Do tell me what is so special about these vehicles. My local dustcart seems capable of getting most places. Are yours fitted with tank tracks?

Or this one,

Peter Sheen, of the environmental services committee, said: 'We have to find a smarter and more efficient way of doing things.We are looking at every penny we spend to make savings.We have to face tough choices.'

The smartest thing you can do Peter is your job. I think we could save a pretty penny if the council just treated you as rubbish and just dropped you.

By the way, how come they only work a four day week?

Rossendale Borough Council currently operates a refuse and recycling collection service working on a 4 day week (Tuesday - Friday).


This snuck under my Radar.

POLLUTION has become so bad in Tonbridge that the council is considering pedestrianising the High Street.

The only reason that the traffic density is so high in Tonbridge is that, although there is a byepass round Tonbridge and also round Tunbridge Wells to the south, they forgot one teensy weensy point that would be quite usefull. To make them effective they need to be JOINED together. Bearing in mind that this was proposed nearly fifteen years ago.

Now Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council has developed an action plan to combat the fumes, with the use of the town centre for pedestrians "at its heart".

As well as a pedestrianisation scheme, the plan also proposes stricter parking enforcement to reduce "idling of engines", as well as improved junctions in the town centre and a reduction in harmful emissions from buses.

Stricter parking enforcement. FFS, Notwithstanding that they’ve pushed the price of parking in the car parks up by 15% this year, they’ve already got a Gestapo of their own that would make Hitler proud.

Of course the usual suspect turns up to put his oar in.

But Kent Green Party  watermelon spokesman Steve Dawe said pedestrianisation was the only step that would bring pollution down to a "safe" level.

As a local commentator piles in with a few facts to refute the above.

“These figures are completely incorrect .The figures quoted are µgm-3 levels which is not the same as ppm.If you look at the air quality website and study the data in context the NO2 levels are considered low at the monitoring site in Tonbridge High Street.
There are obviously spikes which is only to be expected given that the official monitoring site is above a bus stop (My embolden)but generally the levels are low.At no time over the last month has the N02 reading in Tonbridge High Street been higher than moderate which was just one day.The rest of the month the N02 levels have been Low .Either someone doesnt understand science or the figures are being deliberately misrepresented for political gain.”

However the watermelon must show his stupidity further.

"It has  the busiest station in terms of passengers in the whole of Kent. Tonbridge also has an unusual number of secondary schools and there are people coming and going in and out of Tonbridge on a daily basis.

Now let me see.

Point one. "It is the busiest station in terms of passengers …….. Well why did some fuckwit reduce the drop off points from five to three.

Point two.  unusual number of secondary schools………. Could this be that Tonbridge has three of the best Grammar schools in the country?

And finally. This.

"From a commercial point of view, the level of vacancies in the High Street is getting higher. Pedestrianisation would increase the footfall of people in the area."

No it won’t There are bugger all  decent shops left. They’ve all moved out of Town where the parking is free. That’s where most people go to shop.

Maybe the council thinks we all shop at poundstretchers, charity shops, or at Lidle. Because that’s all we’ve got left.

I suppose next they’ll want a smoke free pedestrian high street. They’d better be quick if they want to be the first.

The truth about the cause of climate change

Apparently it’s caused by polar bears wearing blue hats. Who’d of thunk it. Can I have my PH d now?

I don’t think that was the message this site meant to give. I think someone was having a bit of fun at the expense of the site owners. Climate Change Education. org

I wonder also where they got their Oz accents from? A long way for polar bears to swim for a holiday.

Classified Ads

These are classified ads, which were placed in a U.K. newspaper:


8 years old.

Hateful little bastard...



1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbour's dog.


Mother is a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd.

Father is a Super Dog, able to leap tall fences in a single bound.


Also 1 gay bull for sale.


Must sell washer and dryer £100.


Worn once by mistake.

Call Stephanie.

**** And the WINNER is... ****


Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes.

Excellent condition, £200 or best offer. No longer needed, got married, wife knows everything.

Statement of the Century

Thought from the Greatest Living Scottish Thinker--Billy Connolly.

"If women are so bloody perfect at multitasking, how come they can't have a headache and sex at the same time?"