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Monday, 11 July 2011


They really are trying it on. First two weekly, collections, now none at all.

Householders living in rural areas have been issued with giant bin liners and told to drive their rubbish to collection points in one of the most audacious council cuts yet seen. Bosses at Rossendale council in Lancashire are scrapping collections from outlying areas in a move aimed at saving £92,000.

I assure you that if they tried that with me I would  self nominate the council offices, as my rubbish collection point of choice.

You could of course get rid of this waste of space at the next elections.

Rossendale Labour councillor Christine Lamb said: 'It's costing a lot more money to collect from these homes. It's 200 per cent more because we have to have specialised vehicles.

Do tell me what is so special about these vehicles. My local dustcart seems capable of getting most places. Are yours fitted with tank tracks?

Or this one,

Peter Sheen, of the environmental services committee, said: 'We have to find a smarter and more efficient way of doing things.We are looking at every penny we spend to make savings.We have to face tough choices.'

The smartest thing you can do Peter is your job. I think we could save a pretty penny if the council just treated you as rubbish and just dropped you.

By the way, how come they only work a four day week?

Rossendale Borough Council currently operates a refuse and recycling collection service working on a 4 day week (Tuesday - Friday).


  1. I bet Rossendale Borough Council still levy the full Council Tax!

    Has anyone ever seen a dustcart working in the afternoon?

    Ours start at 07:00 Mon - Fri.

    Credit though to the operatives. They're the only 'workers' I've ever seen running. Maybe it's to complete their tasks by 12:00 so they have the pm free.

  2. Joe.

    I've a lot of respect for those on the sharp end. Mine run around like demented meercats on speed. They even turned up in the winter snow. It's the fat cat councillors that are divorced from the real world that I hate.

  3. So long as they give a rebate, then it's fine by me. In fact, I'd extend it and apply it to all public services.

    Define a minimum list, for which we all pay tax. If you want the full-fat version, you pay a higher tax rate. See how many choose each; it might be interesting.

  4. I would willingly take over the policing element of Council responsibilities and the first job - arrest all the Councillors for impersonating intelligent life forms.


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