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Saturday 18 December 2010

Enough is enough

This is an open letter to David Cameron.

I wanted to believe that you Mr Cameron and your so called conservative (Spelt with the smallest c I could find) party were worth supporting.

All I can see is more and more broken promises whilst my taxes and bills soar.

Where is a proper discussion on the smoking ban that you promised? Seems to have disappeared in a puff of second hand smoke.

What is this obsession with wind turbines that is going to increase my energy bills by £250 a year? What’s that? Oh I see. Global warming has fried your brain.  How do they work with a high pressure area when there is no wind and the temperature is minus ten? How does that solar panel work when it’s covered in snow?

Why scrap the harrier jump jets and therefore end protection of our Navy for a mere £1 billion in savings when you could have scrapped the Tornado and saved £7 billion? How can you have a Navy without aircraft to defend it?

Why in God’s name have you ring fenced spending on the NHS when we all know how bloated it’s management has become? You’re abolishing targets in the NHS for A&E admission? But then you’re advocating performance indicators or some such crap. The whole idea Dave, should be to throw a layer of middle managers out, thus freeing up money that can actually be spent on care. All you’ve done is a name changing exercise instead of cutting out the cancer.

Where is the Bonfire of the Quangos that you promised?  I’ve seen more fire from a match.

Why have you ring fenced overseas spending for third world countries when we know that it will end up in Dictators’ pockets? (And of course the Indian space programme will do Nicely out of it).

Oh and where is that referendum on the EU that you promised us? I suppose that you’ve been too busy in the race to prop up the Euro? And it would appear that you can’t even put a cap on immigrants  from outside the EU now. And now the latest news is that you’ve surrendered sovereignty to Brussels. That used to be called Treason. In fact I’m sure it still is Dave.

What’s this Big Society crap, you are pedalling? I want to live in a small society where I’m not castigated for living a lifestyle that I chose. What I smoke, eat, drink, or anything else is nothing to do with government. My Lifestyle is my choice. Not yours to hector and Nanny.  (There’s a few state funded, so-called charities that can be axed here to save some money).

Why do you fail to see that the biggest gain by terrorists is the fact that they have succeeded in their aim of terror  by ensuring that draconian restrictions are now in force across the land? Detention, restraining orders. Stalin would be so proud of you.

CRB checks. What have these achieved? All they’ve done is stopped people like me from volunteering to help vulnerable groups, due to the fact I prefer the tenet of being innocent and guilt has to be proved. (And no. I’m not a paedophile).

Bye the way when are you going to repeal that Human Rights act you kept banging on about earlier in the year? You’ve gone very quiet on that one.

I could go on, and on, and on……………………………………,and on.

I like many others are losing their patience with your left of centre government, which to me, seems to have the same objective as the last one. just to have power for power’s sake. After all, you’re comfortably off with your millions. Of course you could use some of that to help pay of the national debt of £4.7 Trillion.

Let me tell you this Mr Cameron. There are a lot of like minded people like me that are starting to think that rebellion is called for. It won’t happen soon I believe. But it will. You’d better start brushing the dust off that civil contingencies act that the last lot brought into law. You’re going to need it

What worries me about that last paragraph, is that direct action is usually carried out by the left wingers, and I am advocating the same. Especially as I consider myself to be a Libertarian.

But then desperate times beget desperate measures. Unless the country wakes up from it’s sleepwalk, It is destined for ruin at the hands of a few powerful individuals. This link sums it all up about what we have lost. The loss of Liberty. By Phillip Pullman.

I’ve almost enough piano wire stored in my garage. All I need to do is mark out 650 lamp posts. Anyone know how many there are in Oxford street? Make a change from the Christmas lights.

I despair, as I sit here huddled up hoping that Global warming will hurry up and arrive before I’m arrested for breaking some illiberal EU made, law...

Yours Faithfully

The Filthy Engineer

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