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Monday 25 January 2010

Disaster in California


WARNING: This video has some nudity and swearing. Not to be viewed before the Watershed. (Whenever that may be)

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes In California Causing Major Slut Spill

H/T to the G.O.T

And they came for the Motorist...... (Again)


In today's Telegraph there is an article about how it would be good for us to have average speed cameras all over our Motorway Network.

The first weasel words are:

In a report published today, the Sustainable Development Commission has called on ministers to bring in the cameras to ensure that motorists stick to the 70 mph limit.

This alone would achieve a reduction of of 1.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, the Commission says.

I knew the word "Carbon" would be in there somewhere.


Their introduction both on motorways and in urban areas, the Commission says, would encourage smoother more environmentally-friendly driving.

Yup. "Environment's" in there as well.

And bordering on the dangerous is this gem:

Other recommendations in the Commission's report include a call for all cars to be fitted with speed limiters to cut carbon emissions.

Yes that really will help when you find that the only way of trouble is to put your foot down. Result. Death and carnage.

I really, really, despair.

UPDATE: Of the 80 comments, there is only one fuckwit that thinks this is a good thing.

That interview by the Defence Secretary.

Mmm. Maybe I'm wrong. I've listened to the below video several times. For the most part, Comrade Bob speaks fairly quickly. However at the end where he utters the fatal words, he slows down and becomes very deliberate. I just wonder if they are going to call an election early, and by keeping up the thought in everyone's mind of May 6th, they will hope to prevent the Conservative campaign machine from being used effectively. After all the Labour party has no money in their coffers for a protracted campaign.




Probably wrong, but worth mulling over.