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Saturday 15 September 2012

It’s taken how long?

I’ve just returned (Yesterday) from assembling my daughter’s flat pack furniture and found an official looking letter on the mat.

As I opened it, I noticed the document inside was coloured red. I was tempted to shred it, fearing it may well be a final demand for some service I might have forgotten to pay for, when my inner honesty kicked in and I withdrew the document.

To my surprise it was a red coloured V5C, That’s the document you have to prove to all and sundry that the car you purport to own is actually yours.

And of course there was a little leaflet explaining why they have sent the shiny red certificate, reproduced below.

Q. Why have you sent me a new V5C?
A. We are replacing all existing blue V5Cs. The new certificate is being introduced following the theft of a number of blank blue V5Cs. The aim is to reduce the risks to motorists of buying a stolen or cloned vehicle.
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Being an enquiring sort of fellow I wondered when the theft of the blue ones had happened.

On digging I was amazed that they were stolen in, wait for it, February 2007. I was gobsmacked  at the sheer speed that this government department had moved.

It’s taken them 5 1/2 years to change a blue document into a red document.

Now I know why this country is in a mess