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Wednesday 25 November 2009

Climategate continues

In this video you see a global alarmist wriggling on the hook

Now, I've got a download of the E mails and they make disturbing reading. Anyone want copies? They are hard to wade through, but the last ones are revealing in the attempt to cover up. If you want copies just E mail me.

H/T to Harry Hook for the Vid

Guess who?

A little guessing game.

Europe's climate change envoy revealed his controversial approach ahead of the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in two weeks.

Bianca Jagger, expert on climate change.

The BBC are desperate to hang onto their position on climate change.

I've just watched The Daily Politics show, and been subjected to the most nauseating 10 mins of the week. Here we had Bianca Jagger postulating on how the Cumbrian floods were caused by climate change, even though one of the presenters did try and put it in perspective, by numerating all the floods Cumbria had suffered in the past.

It's really scraping the bottom of the barrel of the BBC global warming fraternity that they are resorting to B list celebrities to make their case with emotive films of such rubbish that I've just been subjected to.

The nauseating clip is here

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