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Wednesday 18 March 2009

Call me racist. Oh no you can't.

An asian postmaster has refused to serve customers that can't speak english. He rightly states that when he arrived in the UK, he appreciated what it was to be British. Ie, fit in with our culture.

There's a huge Union Flag flying proudly outside Deva Kumarasiri's house and it's been there so long the edges are tattered and torn.

Nearby, another one flutters from the back of his favourite Land Rover as he drives to work as the local cornershop postmaster.

Read the full article here

Not sure how the racial equality righteous are going to handle this.

H/T to the Lone Voice

UPDATE: I heard on radio two today that he's been sacked.

Save our pubs

We are losing 39 pubs per week

There is a petition here

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