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Thursday 1 March 2012

I’m not going back over there

DeSmogblog that is.

For the uninformed, the site is a home for rabid global warmists and greenies. All they seem to be able to do is shout down anyone who asks an innocent question. I wrote a very innocuous post querying in my profession as an engineer, why I thought models were not always all they’re made out to be in the real world outside academe. I basically stated that as a marine engineer, I need input A to end up as output B. If it comes out Z in real life I would most likely have to resort to swimming. I ended my post with the simple question. “Can we have real science back”.

Oh dear. They really do play the man and not the ball over there.

Oh and they deleted my post.

*scweems and stamps feet*

Is this your child?


She’s not mine. I do think that euthanasia is a slightly extreme remedy for her malaise though. Oh well, when in America…………………