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Sunday 9 January 2011

Damn Climate sceptics.

The other day I was just reading through one of James Delingpole’s climate blogs when I came across a reference by one of the regular commentators to CACC. As I read further I realised that this was a website set up to attempt to prevent discussion on various blogs, by have Trolls invade the sceptic blogs and try to mitigate the effects in the comments. This group calls themselves the Campaign against Climate Change and has a website to support warmists in disrupting discussion which doesn’t agree with their views on AGW.

What they do is send out regular E mails to those who subscribe, on who are the most evil sceptics of the moment Well I must admit I couldn’t resist subscribing, just to see what I would receive.

Below is what I received in my E mail today and I was surprised that all it was, was a list of a few blog posts. I thought at least as a “paid up” (supposedly) member I would get some hint of  what I should be posting on these evil denier blogs. The pitiful offering is below:

Included was a small précis of each which I wont bother you with.

I’m just wondering if I’ll ever get on their esteemed list. (Note  to self: Must try harder).

And the icing on the cake is…………………………………..

George Monbiot is their President.

They don’t seem to have a comment facility on their blogs, but I see that they have a Forum. In that case I shall have to break out my secret weapon.