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Saturday 2 June 2012

Control ‘R’ Us.

I wrote a post this morning about how the Tobacco control industry were bleating on in the Guardian how they had been threatened by all manner of bloggers who are opposed to their actions.
Now I’m presuming that 75% of readers of my blog are non smokers as per current government statistics.
As a smoker I have seen the way the insidious demonization of smokers has steadily increased, and will carry on. Even though smokers contribute nearly £11 billion in tax to the treasury, and the fact that so called smoking related diseases only cost the NHS £2.7 billion, you’d think anti smokers would stop coming out with this blatant horseshit.
I give you Cllr John Butcher.
“If the NHS in Surrey were to be run on the basis that patients with self-inflicted morbidity (mainly smoking, alcohol, narcotics, obesity) and injury (dangerous activities) are, following due warning, placed in a much slower-moving queue for healthcare than ‘other’ patients, this would encourage the self-inflicted to move away from Surrey, to areas where there is no differentiation between patients on the grounds of their contribution towards their condition."
I would give you the link but for some strange reason the link seems to have broken.
Now as a non smoker you’re probably thinking. it’s nothing to do with me.
Think again.
The anti smoking template, now proved to have worked is being copied by other health fascist, nanny state groups.
Alcohol. minimum price per unit? Similar to the tobacco duty escalator? Once it’s in it will never go away.
The sun is bad for you. Smother yourself in factor 200 or you’ll die of skin cancer. (Lovely little earner for big pharma). Strange that since this scare escalated in the last decade or so, we’ve seen an escalation of Ricketts through lack of vitamin D.
Salt. Stand away from the shaker now! Of course if you cut down on salty products you WILL die. Salt is a must mineral for our bodies.
I could go on. just google your vice of choice and look further than the top article. it might surprise you.
Do not take what you are told in the main stream media as the gospel. Be your own researcher and make up your own mind. You’ll be appalled at the crap you have been led believe is the truth.
You are sleepwalking into a totalitarian state that doesn’t care about you. It’s all about control.


I see the daily mail have jumped in with both feet in their mouth. TWATS.

The daily Mail
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Running to Mummy

An article in todays Guardian purports that those in the Tobacco Control Industry are running in fear from pro tobacco bloggers.

Leading advocates of tobacco control have been targeted in an apparent escalation of hate campaigns and intimidation by bloggers and groups who view moves to curb smoking as assaults on personal freedom.

Well. This blogger has absolutely no sympathy. Those whining hypocrites started this dirty little war. They have a vast army, supported by millions of taxpayer money to promulgate their tireless crusade.

Of course what they are worried about is that they can’t find any evidence that individuals are “Big Tobacco” funded, and people reading those blogs might just say, “Mmm, they have a point”.

The article even has to try and make out that smokers are homophobiac.

Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams, chair of Westminster's all party parliamentary group on smoking and health, has received abuse, including homophobic abuse, on his blog, especially after supporting plain packs. "When people make comments online, I sometimes wonder whether it is a real person or manufactured false identity. There are various front groups for the tobacco industry, and , I think, front individuals who post negative comments."

This individual wrote a blog post supporting plain packaging. The only abuse I can see is pro smoking commenters abusing the smokers who commented there. If you can find a homophobiac comment there, please let me know. I can’t find one. the pro smokers in the main were extremely polite.

My thanks go to Frank Davis, Dick Puddlecote, and The Angry Exile for pointing me to The Guardian Article

However if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go and have a shower. I feel a little grubby now I’ve read it. It really is a terrible piece of slack journalism.