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Friday 6 August 2010

Smokefree Twattery

What a heap of shite the council produce. Here from the council’s web site. So I’ve duly filled it in and sent it off to them.

Smokefree Homes Award Promise


To make our home a healthier place to live we are making ours a smokefree home

1. How many children live at this address?
Aged 0 to 5  10Aged 6 to 16 20 Aged 16+ 20

2. Number of smokers in the house? ___50_____________

3. Would you like a ‘stop smoking advisor’ to contact you?
Yes No YES. But He/She may not return

4. Would you like the Kent Fire & Rescue Service to carry out a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit?
Yes No Yes. But see above. I suggest he brings a few mates with him.

5. Before making your promise, where was smoking allowed in your house?

Nowhere Only in one room
In most rooms Everywhere

6. Where did you hear about the ‘Smoke Free Homes Award’?

Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council Local school
Stop Smoking Service Kent Fire and Rescue
Other. Ouija board

Mr Mrs Ms Miss Initials___T.H.E______

Surname ___FilthyEngineer___________________________________________
Address ___No.1 Blogsville Terrace


Telephone number (essential)

__01732 844522*__________________________

Your information may be shared with our partners (e.g. West Kent Primary CareTrust) for monitoring purposes only.

No mailshots will be sent.
If you agree to this please tick the box. x

I hope they just try. *Oh and that’s their switchboard number.

Another Quango for the chop please.



The Kent Alliance on Smoking and Health (KASH).

A group funded by the NHS and they want to do this:

SMOKING could be banned in every public park and sports ground in the Tonbridge area.

The Kent Alliance on Smoking and Health wants councils across Kent to stop people from lighting up at venues which are aimed at children and families.

It means people found smoking at Tonbridge Farm, Tonbridge Racecourse and the neighbouring Haysden Country Park could face on-the-spot fines, and court, for flouting the rules.

The document was backed by Kent County Council this week and Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council said it was "carefully considering" the Kent Tobacco Control Strategy – which aims to have a smoke-free county by 2014.


And at the bottom of the article I read this:

The borough council's stance is in line with its pioneering of the Smokefree Homes Award system, introduced in January 2009, in which holders pledge to keep homes and cars free of smoke at all times.

I pledge to smoke in my own property incessantly from now on.

And of course there is the usual “Think of the Cheeeeldren.

Read the whole article in Thisiskent. They have a vote, which so far is 100% against this twattery

*Notice to self. Remember to take blood pressure pill*

Quiz complete

Bucko wins again.

“Did she take her helmet off and get pulled for that?
I zoomed in on the first piccy and she doesn't seem to be wearing it.”


Yep. No helmet.