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Monday 23 February 2009

Think of the children

I have three children, well, adult children.

I would say that up to two years ago, not one of the three had any interest in politics. Typical answer when asked was, "Why should I vote on something that doesn't interest me".

Gordon Brown better beware, this attitude has now changed.

Daughter No.1 will now most certainly vote for, anyone but the labour party.

Daughter No.2 wants me to save some piano wire and a lampost for the labour MP of her choice.

The Son wants to choose the lamposts and assist with tying the knots. He was good at that in the scouts.

This should worry all politicians of whatever colour, the young are getting angry. For the last decade it has only been us middle aged codgers that have taken an interest in how we have been sold down the river.

When the young get angry, politicians should be very afraid. Think of Russia, China, Iran, etc. And bye the way the Democratic Republic of Hildenborough

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