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Monday 9 April 2012

Your house must be green. Or else.

The Scenario. It’s the dead of winter and your old central heating boiler breaks down and cannot be repaired. In the normal scheme of things, you’d get a couple of quotes and give the job of replacing it to the company who could carry out the replacement, quickest and cheapest.

Whilst you sit shivering, you are informed by the winner that you will have to wait to be assessed by the council to see if your house comes up to a standard of insulation.

The new regulations, which will apply to specified home improvements including loft and garage conversions, conservatory extensions, and boiler or window replacements, could come into effect as early as October when the Green Deal is set to be officially launched.

Well I for one will tell the contractor to either get round sharpish or bugger off or I will employ someone else.

As far as I’m concerned it is nothing to do with government how I run my home. It’s my bought and paid for abode to do with as I choose. If I want to be less green than Caroline Lucas, then it’s up to me.

I have a nagging suspicion the government is trying to cover up the fact that this government and the last have realised that there is going to be an energy shortage in the next few years. I think it may have settled into their brains (small) that all this green investment in bird mincers and photovoltaic panels, will leave us set for blackouts in the not so distant future.

In the dash for green they haven't stopped to realise that we need new power stations that can back up supply when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun shines. And they have to be ordered years ahead.