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Thursday 7 January 2010

The BBC says it's still warming.

Watching the 6 O'clock news, I was interested to see that the BBC and the Met Office were trotting out their spiel about the AGW fairytale.

Mmmm. Methinks they are worrying that support for this fable is rapidly racing away from them like a skier down a ski slope. And maybe their jobs when they are tossed onto the bonfires of the vanities.

Why I won't vote for Cameron's Conservatives either

A long article on Peter Hitchens blog, mirrors what I have been thinking about the wishy washy pinkish Tory Party of today.

A little snippet here to wet your appetite:

When Theresa May favours all-women shortlists, when David Cameron accedes to Lisbon and panders to the Green movement, when David Willetts adopts the language of the enemy as he declares that the alleged but non-existent ‘war against single mothers is over’, when all of them knuckle under to the idea that ‘Human Rights’ should be the supreme arbiter of what is right and wrong, they are all the unknowing followers of Antonio Gramsci, Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse and the rest of the cardboard deities of the Sixties New Left revolution, not to mention discredited sex-gurus such as Margaret Mead and Alfred Kinsey, whose bogus ideas and dud 'research' are still widely revered on the Left, and among those unconsciously influenced by the Left.
Go and read it here and see if you disagree or not.

H/T to OBO for pointing me to it.


An interesting website showing the underlying cooling that has been going on over the last decade. Lots of interesting links to a plethora of articles.

The article is here. Nicely set out and simple to read.

H/T to EU Referendum

Thrice Stricken

It snowed last night.

Dug the car out and cleared the drive.

It snowed again.

Cleared the drive.

Aaaaagh. It's snowing again.

One redeeming fact. Not a Toyota Prious in sight. Plenty of 4 x 4's though.