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Friday 7 February 2014

E cigarettes and smoking in cars.

Last week the House of Lords voted to ban smoking in cars carrying children.

It’s interesting to note that at the same time the anti-smokers are campaigning  to have E cigarettes banned from enclosed public spaces. 

It might seem a coincidence, but I feel that their slippery slope of bans would come to a halt without a ban on E-cigs. After all how can you tell that a driver passing you with a child onboard is smoking or vaping?

As we all know this ban is just the start. I personally think that the ban on smoking in cars with children would be impossible to police anyway and would soon be amended to no smoking in cars at any time. Just to get around the vaping issue. That’s why they have to ban vapers from enclosed spaces.

As others have pointed out this is a major erosion of liberty, in the fact that they are at last managing to get their jackbooted laws into peoples own private property. Of course this will soon lead to “Think of the cheeeeeldren” in smoky homes. Your home will no longer be your own when the Nu puritans have the full force in law to inspect your home at a moments notice.

Be warned, other anti everything enjoyable groups are watching as this template unfolds.

So if you like a drink, sugar, soft drinks or anything else that public health deplore, then you will be next.

Count on it.