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Thursday 20 May 2010

A post election split?

Although a Libertarian at heart, I'm a pragmatist. I always voted conservative in the past as I always considered their values were the most fair and just. Reward those that paid their way, whilst helping those who truly wished to better themselves.

Now I'm not so sure that the Callmedave faction is what I can support. Cameron's desire for power at any cost leaves me cold and likens him in my eyes to Blair.

All I see is another PR educated, power hungry, weak man who is totally out of his depth and will say anything to protect his position. A man with no principles or substance.

I want a true leader that is passionate about his country above all else, and is willing to die by the sword of his decisions if necessary.

I predict that the true conservatives in the party will soon become disaffected and turn on him within the year.

I just hope that I'm wrong and cameron gets a set of balls. I fear that I'll be disappointed.

I'd like to be proved wrong.

I despair

My wife has taken to washing the clothe pegs in the dishwasher.

What next? hang the dishes on the line? You tell me.

That Olympic mascot

It would appear that the general public like a piss take.

Within hours of London 2012 unveiling its much-awaited Olympic mascot Wenlock and his Paralympic partner Mandeville to the world, a series of one-eyed impersonators popped up in cyberspace.


Wielding a bottle of beer, a fake-Burberry clad character is the mascot of the “Chavlympics”



There's even a Hitler!

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A Quango bites the dust

About time to.

The Government Office for London will be scrapped under government plans set out today.

The responsibility for security and taxation will be clawed back by other departments or devolved to the Mayor. Ministers have indicated the move will save £15 million a year as part of wider Whitehall cost-cutting.

But of course labour don't agree.

But Labour said London was in danger of slipping down the Government's list of priorities. Shadow minister for London Tessa Jowell said: “I'm sure Londoners will want to know which department and how issues such as security, taxation and other areas of major policy that are not devolved to the Mayor will be delivered in their interests.

Another power base draining away.