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Thursday 11 June 2015

Oh hell

The view from my front door this evening.

Never, ever let your other half talk you into building a larger kitchen. This morning I was woken at O crack sparrow fart by the doorbell. "Please sir could you sign for the delivery of one digger and a dumper truck". A sleepy "OK" was the reply.

Since then I've seen my patio and underpinning clay soil, steadily moved from the back of my house to the front. That pile is not even half that has to be moved.

I've also had to try and sort out what dates a roofer will be able to come in and do essential maintenance on the back of the main roof which involves scaffolding to be erected.

There was also the resiting of the satellite dish.

What does Mrs FE do? Shopping.

Still not to worry, we're off to the sunny island of Crete this weekend. For two whole weeks.

Mind you the building inspector is due in on Tuesday to discuss the footings required with the builder.

I think I might just turn my Mobile off.

PS. My stats tell me I've just passed 1,000,000 page views for this blog.