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Friday 12 February 2010

Sympathy vote for Jonah?



We all know that the labour party coffers are empty and that labour cannot sustain a protracted election campaign.

In light of his upcoming cringeworthy interview with Piers Morgan, where he will drag his families problems into the limelight. Could he be playing for the sympathy vote to narrow the gap between him and the Conservatives?

Could he, just could he, be planning for a snap general election?

Enter a new High priest of Climate Change.



The Acting Director at the CRU is claiming that us Skeptics are playing Russian Roulette with the Planet. He states the following:

"The evidence is hugely for there being substantial climate change due to man's activities and if you want to argue against that case you have to produce some evidence."

My personal opinion is that it is up to you to produce conclusive evidence that AGW is a fact. you've failed to do so up to now. I do not want to see out my twilight years shivering in the Dark because of a calamitous mistake by scientists and politicians.

Prove it beyond doubt professor. Lets see you put all your money on the AGW spot on the Roulette wheel.


Good health news at last.



It would appear that eating chocolate is good for you. Wow.

A study of nearly 50,000 people found that those eating chocolate were 22 per cent less likely to suffer a stroke than those that didn't.

And those who did suffer a stroke but had indulged in chocolate were 46 per cent less likely to die as a result.

Well I never.

Still I'm sure that the fat police will come up with some refutation in due course.

H/T to the Torygraph