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Saturday 10 April 2010

The hellspawn are back

The Kids and their Boyfiends/girlfiends, have returned from their night out.

Refer to my previous post


I spent a lot of the evening cleaning the Kitchen, carting the empties out to the garage. Relief.

They're back!

And what's more they are drinking what's left of my booze.

Rum. Gone

Gin. Gone

Whisky. Nope. I'm clutching it to my chest in the kitchen. However I hear the baying hounds of hell are at the door. How long can I last? The first hammer blows against the door have started...........

Could the next Gate be Goldgate?

Listen to the clip below and make up your own mind. In it, it  would appear that some banks are playing footloose with the amount of Physical Gold they have in their vaults. As little as 1% compared with what they have sold to their clients on paper.

Seen anything about this in the MSM? I haven't.

If this is true then we would be looking at a complete melt down in the banking world. It would make the subprime fiasco look like a child's game.


Hell has returned.

My kids have descended on FE towers.


The Kitchen looks like the Municipal waste tip.

They've taken over the living room.

And the worst is.........................

They're drinking all the BEER FFS!

Have they no shame?

Contains bad language

Prodicus reckons this is the new Labour Leaders 2010 song. Replacing the Red flag.

I, however, think that it reflects my view of all the 646 thieving, sanctimonious, troughing swine that have been recently inhabitating  the House of commons.

I'd rather see the place emptied for good and put up for sale.