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Saturday, 10 April 2010

The hellspawn are back

The Kids and their Boyfiends/girlfiends, have returned from their night out.

Refer to my previous post


I spent a lot of the evening cleaning the Kitchen, carting the empties out to the garage. Relief.

They're back!

And what's more they are drinking what's left of my booze.

Rum. Gone

Gin. Gone

Whisky. Nope. I'm clutching it to my chest in the kitchen. However I hear the baying hounds of hell are at the door. How long can I last? The first hammer blows against the door have started...........


  1. Drink all the whisky! Quick!

    It's the only safe place to hide it.

  2. Oh I've managed that. I'm half way through the calvados. I've now had to retreat to the Bathroom. I'm worried that that the bolt wont hold.


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