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Wednesday 7 March 2012



To the good folks out there who read this blog in the wilderness of the rankings. I have three little rating boxes below any post. These are labelled (Fuck I’ve forgotten what they say. Hang on a minute I’ll be right back) Good, Fair, and Utter shite. My question is: I know I write Utter shite, why can’t you recognise it? Stop being so polite.

Then again maybe you feel sorry for a poor pensioner struggling to pay for his whisky and baccy bills whilst huddling around an open fire, whilst his once a week tin bath, warms slowly. (I made the open fire and tin bath up just to see if you have a sympathetic bone in your body. The whisky and baccy bit is more important ).

I must admit I tend to forget to look at the little boxy things (sorry to all those that have ticked them), as I use google reader to keep up with all the blogs that I read. This means that I rarely look at my actual Blog posts as you see them. In that case just label them all as “Utter Shite” just to teach me a lesson.

Your comments, on the other hand, are magically sent to me via the wonders of Email (Whatever that is?) and I do read these wondrous comments everyday. Often I will comment back, Sometimes not. (It’s a whisky thing I suspect). The purpose of this missive is to say thankyou for just reading this blog.


Hands Off

Bugger off nanny