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Wednesday 26 January 2011

Customer Service?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to complain about the service I have received from your contractors Appliance Warehouse. I am currently waiting for a call back from one of your managers, Jenny Chilton, but I want to put this complaint in writing to make sure that it is dealt with in the correct and appropriate manner.

I purchased the flat above in October 2010, it was built in 2008 and there was a new Baumatic oven put in at the time. On th 6th January 2011 I returned home to find that the oven would not turn on. I called Baumatic on the 8th January to find out if the oven was in any kind of warranty. It was not but I was offered a 1 year warranty for £114 that would cover all parts and labour to fix the oven and if it could not be fixed then the money would be refunded. I signed up immediately. I was told that Baumatic use a contractor in my area called Appliance Warehouse who would call me on Monday to make an appointment to send an engineer.

There was no call on Monday so I called to chase this, I received a call on Tuesday 11th January. The first available appointment was Thursday 20th January between 9-1. I booked this appointment and took the morning off work.

It got to around 11.30 and I had heard nothing about the arrival of an engineer and mindful that I had to be in Milton Keynes for a meeting at 2.30pm I rang Baumatic to find out what time the engineer would be here. I was put through to a very unhelpful and rude lady at Appliance Warehouse called Jenny. Jenny told me that the engineer may be late say 1.30-2pm but she had no way of knowing. I asked why I was last in the queue and not first to be done at 9 or 10am but she said they do not make a list of who they are going to visit?! I asked if she could call the engineer to find out what time he would be here as I would not be able to be here at that time, she said that she was not allowed to ring the engineer. I asked why and she said it was so as not to bother them. I said this was ridiculous and asked to speak to her manager, she told me he would not be there until between 5-7pm. I said this would not help me and she said tough, there was nothing she could do. Naturally I was very angry at this so called baumatic back and asked for a manager call back. A lady called Julie Standford (I think correct spelling) called me back about 15 minutes later and was very helpful. Julie called Appliance Warehouse and the engineer arrive at 12.30 so within the 9-1.

The engineer arrived in a car with no spare parts so if any part was needed there was no chance of him fixing it today, this despite him being booked by Baumatic and them knowing what oven I have. He said that the switch has gone and it will be another week before it arrives and he can come back. Great, another week without an oven.

I have heard nothing until today, 26th January- 18 days after taking out this policy, when I called Baumatic to find out what is going on. I was informed that the part has been dispatched today. Why has it taken a week to send the part out? If my policy is with Baumatic then why does it take them a week to send one of their own parts out? I asked to be put through to Appliance Warehouse so that I could prebook an appointment as I will actually be at home anyway on Friday afternoon.

I called helpful Jenny at Appliance Warehouse and was told the first available appointments are next Thursday 3rd February or next Friday 4th February but that these cannot be booked until my part has come in. Even though Baumatic have dispatched this part they will not book it until they have the part. Even though I am paying Baumatic for this service not Appliance Warehouse.

Going on the last time I had to book an appointment with Appliance Warehouse it is unlikely I will be able to get this appointment next Thursday or Friday so it will mean yet another week without an oven as they will not at least pre book this appointment.

I am extremely unhappy with the service received so far. Appliance Warehouse are nothing but rude when I have to speak to them. The people at Baumatic while helpful and polite on the phone do not seem to carry any weight with Appliance Warehouse.

For the money I have had to spend on eating out and takeaways in the length of time the oven has been broken I may has well have just bought a new oven. I can tell you that if I had it would not have been a Baumatic.

To top this all off my policy documents arrived yesterday and my name was spelt Hewallmosn! How can anyone have thought that is someones name? I know my name is a little unusual but that is ridiculous, it is a wonder I received the letter at all.

I hope that someone will call me as soon as possible to resolve this situation and offer me some sort of compensation for my time wasted, phone calls to and from Baumatic and Appliance Warehouse but most of all just FIX MY OVEN.

Yours Faithfully

A disgruntled customer.

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