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Monday 31 August 2009


In a previous post I had decided to change ISP. Here

The particular provider supplied a setup disk. Mmmm, I thought, this will make life easy. Absolute Bollocks. It was a heap of shite. I should have set up the account manually and saved myself the trouble of running up the road, to get £15 of time for my PAYG broadband dongle, in order to log onto the ISP's forum.

The speed of my broadband has been slow of late (350k), due to the cat pissing on the telephone connection to the wireless router, so I decided to make a few changes.

I moved the router into the hall, next to the master socket, thus shortening the telephone line to the router. A dramatic increase was seen immediately (6M).

Next up was to change the router for a newer dual freqency type. Wow, now up to 12M.

I should have done this along time ago.