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Monday 31 January 2011

Climate Tyranny

*Warning. Tinfoil hat alert*

It’s not about money at all. It’s about power to be had by scaring people.

just imagine that you’re a Billionaire. You’ve got the money that you craved for, but now you’ve got  the money, you’re bored. After all there’s only so many Mega Yachts you can flaunt.

So what’s the next game changer?

The need for Power is the next excitement. Start an elite club. Give it a name. Ah, Bilderbergers sounds catchy doesn’t it?

You’ve seen how ruling your Financial Empire by the use of tyrannical force works, so you apply it to the Outside world. First you try it with lets say, Salmonella in eggs. Lo and behold the proles stop eating eggs. However that didn’t last and lets face it, it only had a limited time of effect. Step two. Up the ante with Flue pandemics, Aids will decimate the world, etc.

However the best of the lot is, someone in passing, mentions carbon. Ah ha.

Looking around you see a diverse group of “Climate scientists” all looking into a correlation, if any, between CO2 and Global warming.  I mean they’ve been around since the seventies. Mind you they had to drop the theory of global cooling as that was too hot (Pun intended). A few millions is peanuts to you, so a bit of largesse is distributed to select climate change study groups.

Next you need to obtain more help in diversifying your scam. What do you do? You set up a meeting and invite heads of government  to attend this meeting which is lavishly hosted beyond their  wildest dreams. Lets meet up in Kyoto.

In the course of this meeting you express your concerns about that dreadful CO2 and it’s ramifications and stoke the Egos of your head of state friends. Tell them, that only they, have the power to save the world, with your help of course.

Suggest that the only way to prevent CO2 rising is to tax those evil carbon users by devising a means of trading in carbon credits so that those evil polluters are made to pay for the Righteous green, Gaia loving, citizens of the planet. And of course, throw in think of the Cheeeldren and  polar bears.

Of course whilst you wait for the carbon trading system to be set up, it makes sense to make a little money on the side by insisting that we need an interim power generation system such as wind and solar. Mind you, don’t tell the politicians that wind power is useless when the wind doesn’t blow, and solar is useless when the sun doesn’t shine. I.E. at night. Of course put it about that subsidies of micro generation will bring down the cost of a home owners energy bill, but don’t tell them about the hidden costs. As I posted HERE and HERE and HERE.

Drop a little hint to an ex vice president, and a former prime minister that is trying to subsidise his letter box mouthed wife, that there is money to be made, and you’ve got it in the bag.  And make sure they are following a common purpose.

You’ve done what you set out to do. You’ve invented a new currency which you have the power to control. Carbon. Could this be the new “Black Economy”?

Well, enough for conspiracy theories for now. I mean it really couldn’t happen………………………….Could it?