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Monday 16 March 2015

Why me?

Why is it that whenever someone I know has a problem with their computer, they phone me?

FFS. I'm an old bugger who should know nothing about the workings of the marvels of modern industry. The younger generation are supposedly brought up with computers.

However I think I have the advantage of being an engineer (retired). Engineers are fascinated by how things work and years ago I became interested in computing. My first foray into computing was when I bought, at vast expense, a Sinclair ZX81, with 1k of RAM memory. Wow. I soon learnt to write simple programmes in BASIC (Beginners all purpose symbolic instruction code).

These were the days of computers that really couldn't do much at all. Everyone was trying to find a better system to work with.

I was even on one class of ship that used an air operated computer system to control the engines (Fluidics).

Then windows came along and computers took off with a vengeance. How things have changed.

Why did I write this post? I think my ram memory has failed.