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Thursday 21 August 2014

Rules is Rules.

Why do we fight wars against terrorists with rules that were written by civilised nations? I think we in the West should publically inform organisations such as Islamic State, that we want to play fair, so we will apply their rules.

I know that this must sound awful to some bleeding heart liberals, but why do we treat wounded prisoners of these organisations the same as our wounded. Just cut their throats and leave them to go to their 74 virgins. That’s what they tell us they want anyway.

We should also be questioning why other Islamic states in the region are keeping quiet over the current crisis. We should be asking them one direct question:

Do you support or abhor the actions of IS?

A simple yes or no will do.

If no, then ask them why they are not doing anything to stop this brutal killing of innocents.

If yes, then politely tell them that they are now the enemy and accept that they must share the consequences.

Maybe an ultimatum. Give them one week to assist in the destruction of IS or one of their Holy cities will be nuked.

(Bit extreme, but I really feel that we in the civilised nations are fighting with our hands behind our backs).