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Saturday 26 April 2014


A holiday.

Last year we were unable to book a holiday in Greece due to the fact that the children had kids of their own and weren’t sure whether to come or not. However, eventually the die was cast and we booked a holiday in the Algarve in Portugal. (I’m sure you’re bored witless by now. Sorry). The Villa we booked looked idyllic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Basically it had been shut up at the end of the last season and reopened for us.

It had everything we had expected. NOT.

Cockroaches, broken lighting, filthy, pool furniture broken, outdoor Jacuzzi not working, and a barbecue that was just never to be cooked on.

We complained.

We did actually get a very good transfer to a spacious villa on what was known as “Millionaire's ridge”.

Sounds good.

The problem with the Algarve compared with Greece, is that there seem to be no facilities outside the major towns. In Greece, every little village has a smattering of Tavernas and a village shop. In the Algarve you had to drive if you just wanted a beer.

I’ve just booked a villa in Greece.

Do you think this will do?

We hadn’t expected to be able to book up a Villa with the company we used, at such a later date, but found that there was a new 6 bed villa available. (only 6 in our party this year). (The kids have spawned more children of Satan this year). An Email was rapidly sent to the MD (who we know) expressing our interest. The reply was shocking.

Wait for it…..

Wait a bit longer…..

We were offered a 12 bed apartment for the same price. Mrs FE has stayed there before, whilst yours truly was sailing the seven seas to pay for it. The pic is above.

When you look at it, it works out at £132 a week per person, for 12. Flights and car hire, food, drinks, etc, excluded. Seems good value to me.

To finish.

I’m not going to tell you where it is. So there. I might want to go back next year.

PS. If you’re a smoker in Greece you can smoke in the bars. They ignore the law completely.