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Thursday 13 May 2010

Please spare us from bearded lefties.



That arch leftie, Dr Rowan Williams (Archtosspot of Canterbury), thinks we are wrong to put a cap on immigrants.

Dr Williams said that those who feared new arrivals showed “confusion” and a “lack of proper confidence” in society’s ability to learn.

Now you may live in splendour in your palace, Rowan. However the rest of us have to live in the real world where the pressure of housing, services, schools, etc, are being pushed to breaking point.




Blogger libel case thrown out of court.

Now I would never normally read Dave Osler's left wing blog. However when a crackpot decides to pursue a libel case because of comments on his blog, then I  feel some sympathy with him.

A political activist today failed in her libel action over a journalist’s blog which referred to her “Baader-Meinhof" link.

In a ruling that gives bloggers some protection against libel actions, Mr Justice Eady rejected a claim by Johanna Kaschke , a Tower Hamlets-based Conservative, against David Osler, a Labour Party member, over an article that was written in April 2007.

Ms Kaschke claimed that some of the comments linked her with terrorism. The judge at the High Court in London, however, struck out the claim as an abuse of process.


The Times

Justice has been served. But be careful out there. It could be you next.