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Wednesday 23 September 2009

Michael White is an out of touch TO**ER

Michael White gets a roasting over at the Guardian over his article intimating that Baroness Scotland has only made a silly little mistake.

I don't think we can expect the attorney general to have spotted a dodgy passport.
This is not such an occasion. Labour is short of competent lawyers (they make so much money in private practice today). Scotland is a competent female, black lawyer. A second chance is called for. But don't do it again.
He really gets it in the neck.

Conspiracy, Naaah.

From the Daily Telegraph:

Stephen Hesford, MP for Wirral West, has resigned in protest as parliamentary aide to Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General, after she was allowed to keep her job despite being fined for employing an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper.

It sounds like an honourable thing to do, but me being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, wonder if he has resigned to take the heat of the Baroness. After all it's filling the MSM and the blogosphere.

I shall watch the New Year honours list with interest.

Lord Hesford of Wirral West maybe.

Gordon's Medal

It's what he should have been awarded.

They're coming to take me away ,ha, ha

Just been over to Fausty's blog and followed this link:

Personality disorders

Seems like they can lock you up without you even having to do anything these days. Bloggers beware!

*Writing this from behind the sofa, as there are some strange men in white coats outside*

I'm stupid?

I might be a bit thick.

Baroness Scotland has only been fined for not copying the documents of her Tongan maid. Surely, if there are no copies of the documents, then how do we know, that she even looked at them at all? Shouldn't she have been fined the maximum?

Even Elvis says NO to the lisbon treaty

A catchy little number from the King.