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Saturday 14 January 2012

Well done ASH. You’ve saved me a fortune.


When ASH (Action on smoking and health) bamboozled the last government into bannning smoking in Public houses, this actually was a boon to the likes of me.

Before the ban it meant that I had to drive to my local, spend a fortune on over priced beer, and indulge in talk with people I normally wouldn’t go near. (And for any publicans reading this. You brought it on yourselves when you failed to stand up to the bullies before the ban. It’s no good blaming the supermarkets for selling cheap alcohol. Your customer base has dwindled by letting me and 20% of the population down, by your avarice in expecting your premises to be suddenly filled with non-smokers).

How times have changed. I buy my beer cheaply (And Whisky) and sit quietly at home with friends, enjoying myself. The only downside is that I have to empty the ash trays.

The smoky drinky as coined by Leg-iron has come of age.

I perceive that their next attack will be to try and stop smoking in cars and homes. How are they going to achieve that, you ask?  I for one will not allow any antismoking quisling anywhere near my property. Maybe they’ll try and amend the law to have MOT tests to check  car ashtrays for cigarette traces. Tough shit, ASH, my car doesn’t have an ashtray. Or will they check my wheelie bin? In that case I’ll just chuck my butts in the roadside bin.

Thank you ASH.

Though they’re still sanctimonious cunts in my opinion, they can’t win. Bye the way, I see they’ve lost their government funding. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.