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Monday 24 May 2010

At least one Government has a set of balls.

The Bulgarian Parliament passed Tuesday, at second read, the more liberal rules for smoking in public spaces and abolished for good the full smoking ban.

The smoking ban was voted by the previous Parliament and was supposed to become effective on June 1, but the current Members of the Parliament approved the amendments of the Health Care Act, proposed by the ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party.

Smoking will now be allowed in separate smoking spaces inside restaurants, bars, coffee shops, railroad stations, airports, ports, and bus stations. In restaurants with less than 50 square meters, the owner is to decide it the establishment will be smoking or non-smoking. In office buildings, employers have the right to designate special smoking spaces. In night clubs smoking will be allowed without the requirement to have separate non-smoking places.

I can't see it happening over here. The Government is too enthralled with every bogus scientific claim made.

Global warming (Sorry,climate change now), Ash clouds, Obesity, Mobile phones, Alcohol, etc, etc.

Still. We have the great repeal bill to look forward to. Although I fear that it will tinker around the edges of our liberty.