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Sunday 8 July 2012

No more

Father of the Bride’s speeches that is. The last daughter was got rid off married yesterday.

Yesterday’s wedding of my daughter went off without a hitch. (Mind you there was a nearly fatal accident when a large inebriated women, slipped and almost crushed a small child whilst dancing. I’m sure the health and safety executive will find some rule or regulation in due course).

The venue was stunning and the civil ceremony went well, even though I had to restrain my daughter from running down the aisle shouting “His fortune is within my grasp”.

Even  this season of unfortunate weather was no deterrent to the organisation and timing of the wedding and reception.

What was so remarkable about this wedding compared with my other daughters wedding was this one was not a packaged bash. We chose a barebones venue and organised the catering, flowers, refreshments, evening bar, and DJ, ourselves. And surprisingly it worked.

As any readers of this blog will know, I spent many hours working on my speech, with some trepidation I can tell you.

However it seemed to go down a storm. Every time I drew breath people clapped. I gave it a tear factor of 20% due to the number of people who came up to me afterwards to inform me that they had cried at some stage. (It then really worried me. Had I, in my utter funk, just recited the speech I made at my late uncle’s funeral by mistake?)

Any way the whole do was a resounding success.

My tip is anyone who has a daughter to get rid off marry off. Do feel free to organise it yourself, It’s not just about saving money. It’s about satisfaction. The Bride and groom get a marriage tailored to perfection.

I’m suffering with a post wedding hangover, so I’m going to pour another large whisky.

And a toast to the happy couple.

And here they are. Please be upstanding and raise your glasses. May they live in happiness.


PS I’m actually sober whilst writing this piece. I just need to say how proud I am of my kids.