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Monday 27 April 2015

Tea anyone?

Then again this is the bag I'm referring to.

Saturday 25 April 2015

Easyjet. The no frills airline.


They're certainly not low cost now. They appear to be upfront when you go to book online. Until you go through the process.

Apart from the return cost which is £200, they also charge you for 20kg of baggage at £41 per person, and £6 for a cheap seat.

And here is the kicker. Do not try and change passenger details after you have booked. Even if you just try and change the name details of one of your party (Made a mistake in the spelling maybe?) they will charge you £35 for both the outbound and return journeys. Another £70 pounds for no appreciable extra work by these scavengers. Where it gets worse is if you have to, as I did, substitute a new passenger into one of the seats. They charged another £144 because the seat price now is that much higher and they expect me to pay the difference (Incidentally in the small print they state that they won't refund you if the price is lower).

I think a letter to trading standards is in order.

And if you read this, easycrap, don't hesitate to use the comment form.

Sunday 19 April 2015

Vote Green and get this.

Green Party Deputy Leader - Shahrar Ali

Dr Shahrar Ali was elected deputy leader of the Green Party in September 2014, becoming in the process the first BME deputy of a UK parliamentary party. He entered green politics after working as a researcher in the European Parliament on the risk of GM foods. Shahrar has a PhD in philosophy, in which he tackled the morality of lying and deception, with special attention to public life. He is editor of Why Vote Green 2015 and is standing for Brent Central at the next general election. - See more at:

The religion of peace anyone?

Thursday 16 April 2015

The shame.

I’ve just spent nearly an hour on the phone with my son.

The usual pleasantries exchanged the subject changed to politics of the forthcoming election. After a short period he came out with some shocking revelations.

IN THE LAST ELECTION HE VOTED LIBDUMB! Almost as bad is his choice of newspaper. That bloody left wing rag, The Guardian.

.And I thought I’d brought him up with respectable values.

I have failed.

Actually not quite.

In fact he only voted for the Libdem candidate as his constituency is hard labour and he knew that voting conservative was a waste of time.

The reason why he reads the groan is for the amusement factor when reading online comments by those of a lefty, ignorant of real life, hard done by, guardian reading twats.

I’ve persuaded him to vote UKIP, and to read the Daily Mail.

If I can persuade my son, should I stand for parliament?

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Dear Great Britain,

A refreshing little letter from Grandad to the UK.

Monday 13 April 2015

Smokers vote too....

I shall look at the candidates in my ward and the one that is not an anti smoker will get my vote.

Take heed, anti smoking tossers.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Saturday 4 April 2015

Thursday 2 April 2015

Believe in Britain

A party political broadcast on behalf of UKIP. Now I don't normally do politics on this blog, but I've felt for some time that the way we are governed is a disgrace.

When I was younger we had politicians that believed in changing the country for the better. Be it left or right wing, they had a belief in what they were doing. All I see now is politicians just interested in the power that governing gives them. They seem hell bent in clinging on to that power in any way possible.

The three main parties just seem to be squabbling over the centre, hoping to attract enough votes from the electorate in order that they can maintain their seats. They don't seem to be able to think about what's outside the Westminster bubble. The ordinary people. Whether it be a white van man, someone struggling to start a business, or even the stress of running a multinational business. All they see is their own little detached world.

So vote for UKIP, just to upset the gravy train.

And for god's sake don't vote green or you'll likely get THIS