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Monday 23 March 2009


I've just read their Memorandum and article of association. It left me with some unease as to it's pupose and structure.

Para 4

(e)to take and accept any gift of money, property or other assets whether subject to any special trust or not;

Can I influence them with my money?

(f)to issue appeals, hold public meetings and take such other steps as may be required for the purpose of procuring contributions to the funds of the Company in the shape of donations, subscriptions or otherwise;

Can I come to those meetings?

(g)to draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bills, cheques and other instruments and to operate bank accounts;

Are they starting up their own bank now?

Can I find out what they do? Resounding NO.

ACPO and the Freedom of Information Act 2000
ACPO is a private company and the Office of the Information Commissioner has confirmed that the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to the Association, since Schedule 1 of the Act does not include a definition which covers ACPO.

Oh well, should have expected that, After all I'm only a humble taxpayer.

I think the time has come for locally elected Police Chiefs.