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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Engauge brain?

A man and his wife live in a house and the wife gets up early to drive  to her daughters house to babysit. The man gets up at the same time , as he has to let the builders in.
Five minutes after the wife has left, the man's phone rings.

Here is the conversation that followed:

Man: Hello..

Woman: I'm at the garage.

Man: I take it that you're getting the paper then?

Woman: No, no. I've a problem filling the car with petrol.

Man: Oh. You have to open the fuel filler lid using the little lever just above and to the right of the footwell.

Woman: No, I've done that. I've got the fuel nozzle in the tank, but when i press the lever I just get a click.

Man (Giggling hysterically): I think that's because the tank is full. I filled it to the brim yesterday afternoon.

Woman: "Click"

Surely it's not that difficult to look at the fuel gauge before you drive off.