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Monday 14 November 2011

It’s been a long time….

Since I’ve held a new-born baby.

My first Grandchild is the first baby I’ve held in my arms for over 25 years. When you look down on such a small bundle of innocence, you really begin to marvel at the perfection of such a small being.

However it also got me thinking of what his life will be like in the future.

Firstly, will he be safe from the obtrusive nanny state that seems to consider all parents are child beaters, until otherwise proven?

Will he be given a decent education, sufficient to give him at least a chance to get ahead in his world of today?

If he does, and excels, will his parents be able to help him to afford crippling university fees?

Burdened with these fees. Will he ever be able to accrue enough money for a deposit on a property?

Will he be saddled with more debt, run up by useless politicians, that, if I had my way, would all be strung up. All 650 of them.

Will he drink, smoke, and generally enjoy life? Or will he denounce his grandad to the thought police, as a subversive blogger of ill repute who is making trouble for the government and their quangos? (Mind you, my kids think I’m nuts  for blogging anyway. I do say to them that they’re not forced to follow this blog. Do children listen?).

Will he be living in a yurt heated by goat droppings, because the 1,000,000 bird mincers built in the early 21st century have all broken due to old age and catastrophic failure?

I really don’t know. (If I was that good at reading the runes teabags the future I’d have won the lottery and retired to Cannes.

What is in store for Aiden? (That’s his name in case you’re wondering).

You tell me. I’m off for a drink and a smoke. (Champagne and a cigar).

PS. I must stop writing serious posts. It degrades this blog.

Cooking the IPCC way.